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Accessories like monitors, illumination, cables, power-supplies etc.



Industrial LED LightiingLED Backlight and Toplight modules, for steady or flash lightning. Stable aluminium housing with power and trigger input.

Available in various sizes for every lightning situation.




We offer a variety of LED and LCD monochrome and color monitors in different screen sizes. The Neovo displays have metal housing and a glas front screen. They are ideal for industrial applications.



Color-Filterwheels for SciCam Cameras

Color Filter WheelOur Color Filter Wheel’s robust mechanical design provides the basis for stunning, uncompromised images. Each CFW color filter wheel is precision engineered with a highly accurate, no-slip drive chain driven and stepper motor. The large diameter pivot pin and bushing are precision ground and matched for smooth, quiet no-fuss operation night after night. CFW color filter wheels use no internal lights for homing to protect your images from stray light interference.



High Speed Filter WheelHigh-performance servo motors featuring rare
Earth magnets coupled with backlash-free power transfer provide ultimate torque which translates to ultimate speed. Adjacent filter distance is traveled in 30ms while the longest distance (5 filter positions or 180 degree wheel turn) is covered in less than 100ms.




For photographic applications or gel documentation we offer complete stands with light.





Switching power-supplies for use with cooled CCD camera systems. Input power range from 100V AC to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz, output 12V DC, up to 10A.



Standard videocable in different lengths with BNC plugs, USB2.0 cables, USB3.0 cables with securing screws, CameraLink cables etc.




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