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Daheng-Imaging Cameras

Product Details

USB3.0 and GigE with PoE

Daheng Imaging is China’s number 1 machine vision camera manufacturer. This manufacturer has an extensive portfolio of machine vision cameras. These are equipped with Sony, Aptina, Sharp and Onsemi sensors. The available interfaces are USB2, USB3 and GigE Vision. Daheng Imaging has a proven track record of product life cycle management. Hence you can still buy the first developed industrial camera of Daheng Imaging. Daheng Imaging carries out strict quality controls. Hereby is the machine vision camera comprehensively tested before leaving the factory. The industrial cameras need to withstand a 7 day aging test and a 72 hour during full load test. Therefore, it is possible for us to offer a 3 year warranty.

- Sensor size from 1/4" to 1"
- Resolution up tp 20 Megapixel
- Framerates up to 200fps GigE and 860fps USB3.0
- Support GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, GenICam
- Third party software like HALCON and LabView

- Camera dimensions GigE and dimensions USB3.0

For example:
Mercury-2000-19U3M, 20MP 1" CMOS-Camera USB3.0
EUR 646,- netto

Mercury-2000-5GM-P, 20MP 1" CMOS-Kamera GigE PoE
EUR 661,- netto



How to Buy

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