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EHD MaxCam Series

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EHD MaxCam cooled cameras series

The new EHD-MaxCam series cooled cameras includes the GSENSE2020BSI, GSENSE400BSI backilluminated sCMOS sensors, the GSENSE2020e enhanced sensor, and the Sony IMX455 61MP sensor. With the two-stage peltier cooling sensor chip to -40° under ambient temperature. This will greatly increase the signal to noise ratio and decrease the image noise. Smart structure is designed to assure the heat radiation efficiency and avoid the moisture problem. Electric fan is used to increase the heat radiation speed. The cameras has a T-Mount (M42x0.75), a F-Mount adapter is optional. The camera has 2 GPIO's and Trigger IN/Out. The max exposure time is upto 1000s. The camera comes complete with our EHDView software, a SDK and USB3.0 cable for Windows 10. Also available is a EHDView lite for MAC OS and Linux systems.

EHD MaxCam Dimensions



MaxCam-400BSI-TE (GSENSE400BSI, 4.2MP, 22fps)
MaxCam-2020e-TE (GSENSE2020e, 4.2MP, 44fps)
MaxCam-455M-TE (Sony IMX455, 61MP, 6fps@16bit)



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