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EHD SCA2020-UV-TR 16bit sCMOS Camera

The SCM2020-UV-TR camera includes the GSENSE2020BSI backilluminated, 1.2" (18.8mm diagonal) sCMOS sensor with 2048x2048 pixel, which are 6.5µx6.5µ in size. The cameras has a M42x1 mount inluding an adjustable C-Mount adapter. New is the external trigger I/O function. The max framerate at full resolution is 32fps. The SCA2020-UV-TR is high sensitive with a very low noise. The max exposure time is upto 60s. Conversation gain selectable between LCG, HCG, HDR. The camera comes complete with our EHDView software, a SDK and USB3.0 cable for Windows 10. Also available is a EHDView lite for MAC OS and Linux systems. M42-Mount with C-Mount adapter included.

This UV camera has compact dimension, leight weight and a 16 bit mode.


Options for EHD-SCA2020-UV-TR:

  • Window less sensor
  • UV Quarz lenses
  • UV-Bandpass filter
  • F-Mount adapter




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