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UK39266 adjustable camera

Product Details

Made in Germany

The adjustable measurement camera EHD UK39266 is a compact 4.2 Megapixel CMOS USB3.0 camera adapted to the tasks in scientific and industrial image processing.

By mounting the sensor on a special three-point adjustment plate inside of the camera body, the sensor position ca be precisely adjusted to the optical axis with respect to angular tilt. Likewise the distance (z) of the sensor to the optics ca be adjusted hereby. The adjustment (tilt (x,y) ) is possible with a prcesion of a few micron during live operation of the camera. As a result, the camera is especially suitable for the usage as a high-quality laboratory camera e.g. as a wavefront sensor (Hartmann-Shack) and for spectroscopy applications. With intentionally oblique camera arrangement, the focal plane ca be aligned with the object.


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