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CCD and sCMOS Cameras

Scientific USB-Cameras

EHD SciCam cooled 16bit camerasystems with Kodak, Sony, GSENSE or E2V sensors, front- or back-illuminated for high-end applications in microscopy, medical and scientific.


EHD Kepler-Series

EHD Kepler cooled CameraThe Kepler KL400 sCMOS camera represents the first release in a new family of Scientific CMOS cameras from EHD. The KL400 provides ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low noise with high frame rates; all at game-changing price to performance ratio.



EHD SciCam-Series

EHD SciCam Series cooled camerasStandard features of the SciCam series include a large aperture shutter, high transmission camera window, internal frame buffer, USB2.0 connectivity, triple TEC cooling and ultra-fast download speed of up to 12 megapixels per second.



EHD SCM-Series

EHD SCM-Serie Microscopy CameraThe SCM-Series microscopy camera systems combine High Tech capabilities in a small housing. The cameras are designed and manufactured for outstandind long life in most demanding conditions. A wide varity of Sony ExViewHAD and EXMOR sensors up to 20Megapixel are available. The 14 Bit A/D conversation guarantee high resolution, low noise images of very high quality. Fast data transfer will be profided through the industry standard USB3.0 interface. Acquisition software EHDView will be provided as well as a free Windows/Linux/MacOS multiple platform SDK. The camera can also be controlled via DirectShow and TWAIN.

The SCM-TE series is 2-stage thermoelectrical cooled, sensor cooling max. dT 45°C.

Following sensors are available:
IMX183, IMX294, ICX834, ICX814, ICX694, ICX674, ICX285, ICX825

Sample images



Alta F Series

Apogee Alta F CameraThe Alta F Series represents the next step in the evolution of the Alta line of cameras with faster readout speeds. The Alta line continues to support a wide variety of front-illuminated, back-illuminated and interline transfer CCDs.





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