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Camera systems with USB3.0 interface for microscopy.


EHD SCM-Series

EHD SCM-Series cooled microscopy camerasThe SCM-Series microscopy camera systems combine High Tech capabilities in a small housing. The cameras are designed and manufactured for outstandind long life in most demanding conditions. A wide varity of Sony ExViewHAD and EXMOR sensors up to 12Megapixel are available. The 14 Bit A/D conversation guarantee high resolution, low noise images of very high quality. Fast data transfer will be profided through the industry standard USB3.0 interface. Acquisition software EHDView will be provided as well as a free Windows/Linux/MacOS multiple platform SDK. the camera can also be controlled via DirectShow and TWAIN.

The SCM-TE series is 2-stage thermoelectrical cooled, sensor cooling max. dT 45°C.




EHD SCM305-C 4K Ultra HD

EHD SCM-Series microscopy cameraThe SCM305-C microscopy camera includes the Sony 1" CMOS sensor ICX305 with 4096x2160 pixel, which are 3.45x3.45µ in size. The max framerate at full resolution is 34fps, and 60fps at FullHD resolution. The SCM-305 is high sensitive with a very low noise. The camera comes complete with our EHDView software and USB3.0 cable. A SDK is optional available.

If the camera is not used on a microscopy, we also have 1", 9 Megapixel lenses with C-Mount available here.




SCM2020-M sCMOS with GSENSE2020 sensorThe SCM2020-M camera includes the GSENSE 2020, 1.2" sCMOS sensor with 2048x2048 pixel, which are 6.5x6.5µ in size. The max framerate at full resolution is 45fps. The SCM2020-M is high sensitive with a very low noise of <2e-. The max exposure time is up to 1000s. The camera comes complete with our EHDView software, an SDK and USB3.0 cable.




EHD SCM-Series microscopy cameraThe EHDcamALHA1080 is the ideal camera for applications when a computer is not needed and the image should be viewed on a HD TV-Screen or HD LED/LCD-Monitor. The camera has an inbuild control and measurement toolbar which is overlaid on the HDMI screen. The camera has a SD-Card slot to store images and videos.

EHDcam720P-wlan WLAN & USB

EHD SCM-Series microscopy cameraThe EHDcam720P-wlan is suitable for applications in which a connection via USV cable is not possible. This can be remote controlled devices, cleanrooms or rooms and areas that are not allowed to enter. The control of the camera and the transmission of the image data takes place via direct WLAN connection. The control can be done via an Android or iOS APP simply via mobile phone, ipad or tablet.


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