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Here you will find all our new products.


EHD SCM-Series

scicamThe SCM-Series microscopy camera systems combine High Tech capabilities in a small housing. The cameras are designed and manufactured for outstandind long life in most demanding conditions. A wide varity of Sony ExViewHAD and EXMOR sensors up to 12Megapixel are available. The 14 Bit A/D conversation guarantee high resolution, low noise images of very high quality. Fast data transfer will be profided through the industry standard USB3.0 interface. Acquisition software EHDView will be provided as well as a free Windows/Linux/MacOS multiple platform SDK. the camera can also be controlled via DirectShow and TWAIN.

The SCM-TE series is 2-stage thermoelectrical cooled, sensor cooling max. dT 45°C.



SMX-15M5 USB3.0 5.0MP CMOS-Camera

SciCamThe SMX-15M5 is available as monochrome or color version including a 1/2.5" format sensor with global- and rolling shutter. With it's resolution of 2592x1944 the max. speed is upto 14 frames per second at full resolution. The video output is selectable in 8 or 12 bits per pixel. The camera also provides trigger inputs/outputs for synchronizing and flash activation. The camera system includes camera, cable, mount and programmers API.

Unibody aircraft grade aluminium housing with a screw lock for USB cable, as well as shockproof electronic design allows the camera to survive 32g of sinusoidol vibration and 6000g shock test*.

*maximum tested values, contact EHD before using the camera under high-g force.



EHD-Zoom6.5 / 8.0 /12.5

bildThe newest EHD-Zoom Series modular optical system with magnification ratio of 6.5:1, 8.0:1 or 12.5.1. The telecentric optical design with high resolution, low distortion and super big NA will make this system ideal for optical inspection. The compact design is easy to assemble and to install in machines with limited space.




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