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Objectives and Lenses


EHD offers a full line of zoom systems to meet a wide variety of optical applications. From machine vision and remote inspection, to quality control and R&D, Optem zoom systems deliver the magnification flexibility and precision imaging you need to properly cover your specimen.


EHD-Zoom6.5 / 8.0 /12.5

bildThe newest EHD-Zoom Series modular optical system with magnification ratio of 6.5:1, 8.0:1 or 12.5.1. The telecentric optical design with high resolution, low distortion and super big NA will make this system ideal for optical inspection. The compact design is easy to assemble and to install in machines with limited space.



OPTEM Fusion

The new OPTEM Fusion lens system combines a uniform mechanical interface with bi-directional infinity optics to deliver unmatched componend interchangeability across three distinct core optical function modules. Combine any one of these three core modules with any of the universally interchangeable Camera Mounts, Camera Tubes, Lower Function Modules and Lower Magnification Lenses to specify the exact lens to meet your application requirement.

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Macrozoom Lenses

bildWhen resolving the finest details of your subject is mission critical to your application, but the operation of a conventional research microscope is too cumbersome, the Optem Zoom 160 optical system is the perfect solution. With it's unprecedented zoom range and resolution, the Zoom 160 can be easily configured to deliver optical performance rivaling that of benchtop research microscopes. Combine this optical performance with the added versatility of continuous 16:1 field-of-view and magnification flexibility, automatable zoom and focus functions, and crisp video output... and you have a powerfull research instrument worthy of today's rapidly advancing high-definition video technologies. A robust 16:1 zoom ration covers magnifications from 0.5X to 8.0X at 89mm working distance in nominal configuration. The innovative optical design incorporates the highest-grade glass and is reinforced with equally refined components and accessories. Imaging through these elevated optical standards, the Zoom 160 system offers a maximum resolution of 0.30 NA and 900 lp/mm.


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