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November 2017 Specials


bullEHD-130NIR-X NIR Camera upto 1200nm

Flachkamera The new EHD-130NIR-X is a extended NIR camera for solar cell inspection upto 1200nm, 2/3" sensor wth 1.2Megapixel and 28fps over USB2.0 interface.


bullEHD SCM-Serie Microscopy USB3.0 Cameras

Bild The SCM-Series microscopy camera systems with TE cooled ExView-HAD sensors and EXMOR sensors including 4K UHD upto 20MPixel.


bullEHD Kepler KL400 sCMOS 95% Peak QE, 1.3e- Noise

Flachkamera The new Kepler KL400 sCMOS camera with 2048x2048x11µ pixel, 48fps, air&liquid colling, USB3.0


bullEHD-Zoom6.5 / 8.0 / 12.5 modular optical system

SciCam_100b The new EHD-Zoom6.5 / 8.0 / 12.5 modular optical system, with manual or motorized zoom & focus.


bullEHD-704UV UV CCD-Camera 200-1000nm

Flachkamera The new EHD-704UV with USB2.0 interface includes the SONY ICX407 1.5MPixel sensor, optimized for UV application 200nm-400nm (with U340 filter installed).



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